How To Make A Hay Feeder For Goats

This diy hay feeder for round bales has helped prevent hay waste and worked as a hay shelter for hay bags. If your goats have horns, this hay feeder is a great option.

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Combination Feeder for Goats Goat feeder, Pygmy goat

Bring out the plastic buckets, we have a simple diy project for you today.


How to make a hay feeder for goats. File or grind any sharp parts. Scroll further down if you want actual diy instructions! As an affiliate for cricut, amazon and other sites, i earn from qualifying purchases.

But i want to explain some of the pros and cons for the different options first! When ohio blog thoughts says this is an easy hay feeder, they mean it. That’s why we went with a homemade.

Feed other animals with the hay It’s just too expensive to feed square all the time to the big guys. So my husband came up with an awesome diy hay feeder that drastically.

Tarter makes a very good goat creep feeder, but it’s fairly expensive at $700. With your gloves and safety goggles on, cut the plywood to the dimensions of 40 inches long and 22 inches wide which will make the base for your hay feeder. This handy feeder restricts your goats from totally gorging themselves on all they hay you buy in one day as well as allowing the kids to get to the hay they need without the adults stealing it from them.

You should shake off the sand from the hay if present. Make sure to cut at the end of a section so that no metal ends protrude. See more ideas about feeder, hay feeder, round bale hay feeder.

But before long, and as our herd grew, we realized that they were making a huge mess and wasting feed & hay. You can easily add more pallets to this project if you have a large number of goats to feed. Goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, horses, & cows.

Hay feeder on the goat house door. When you have an animal that eats primarily grasses, a hay feeder is a must. Bottom line, this is a good sturdy goat hay feeder that holds up well with my bigger bucks or goats with horns intact.

With another person helping, roll up the section of panel until the two edges meet. Goats will not eat hay on the floor but may eat the hay you just placed in the hay feeder. Secure the ends together with zip ties, strong wire, or metal fasteners.

And learn just how to make it frugally from pallets! I was mentally running through the options i had on the farm. If the hay still looks good, place it back into the hay feeder.

Even better you do not have to dismantle the pallets, for this project. Having already featured many different goat hay feeders such as the diy garbage can goat feeder and the diy wood pallet goat feeder, it was time to add one for grains.after some quick on the internet i found this diy goat grain feeders made from plastic buckets. Also, carefully inspect the hay to make sure that it is safe for your goats.

It also does very well in the weather. This hay feeder is easy to build and repurposes wood pallets that you may already have lying around or can get for free. This option was pretty good when i first started because it was easy.

Learn how to make an easy diy goat hay feeder with this simple step by step tutorial. These walls are slats instead of solid. However, it can potentially save you a lot of money in not.

This particular hay feeder is built out of pallets. I suddenly remembered an old sleigh of some kind left behind by the previous owners. So it turns out that goats can waste a lot of hay, if you do not feed it to them properly.

When we first started with goats, we only had a handful and feeding them was a breeze. How to make a diy rolling hay feeder for goats so you can move a bale of hay out to their field. As my donkey herd grew, and i added mammoth donkeys, i needed to feed round bales.

This is an ingenious way to feed a few goats at a time. See more ideas about goat feeder, goats, goat farming. As mentioned above, we chose to attach our hay feeder to the divider in between our goats’ sleeping quarters, and the wall of one of the stalls.

The narrow slats allow for easy access to the hay without goats feeling the need to put their entire head inside. If your barn layout is different, you may have to modify this build to where it’ll function on a solid wall. But there are times i’m really grateful for his ingenuity and desire to use what we have to make what we need.

This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. See more ideas about hay feeder, goats, goat feeder. This size feeder also effectively keeps the hay from falling to the ground.

That is why it is recommended that you have a hay feeder like this diy wood pallet goat hay feeder. The bottom board isn’t particularly sturdy but the frame is solid. Place the feeder in the desired area, fill it with hay, and watch your goats go for it!

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